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Wall Breaker 375 X-top Black/yellow

Wall Breaker 375 X-top Black/yellow

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Hit Surface: Spin skin 3d
Weight: 375g
Level: Experienced
Shape: Drop
Department: Men Women
The WALL BREAKER 375 racket, designed for the advanced level player, has been engineered with a teardrop shape to provide maximum power without sacrificing control. The D-Bridge geometry raises the flex point of the racket to help finish points, especially on attacking shots. Special TEI carbon fiber construction maximizes shock absorption at impact for more feel. The screen is covered with a "Spin Skin 3D" relief for maximum spin. PHD hole pattern with 3 different hole diameters to maximize accuracy in the center and tolerance to off-center hits at the tips. Unique innovation from Tecnifibre with the racket head designed with "X-TOP" technology, a mix of the strongest aramid fibres covered with a PTFE treatment to limit abrasion. A concentrate of performance and technology.

Produktnummer: 60782-52

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