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Shb 65 Z II Wide Blue/Green

Shb 65 Z II Wide Blue/Green

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Department: Men
POWER CUSHION 65 Z 2 WIDEYonex's most popular model 65 Z 2 here In wide format. Same technical features as I SHB 65 Z 2 but with a wider leg for you with slightly wider feet.SHB 65 Z 2 is the next development of the incredibly popular all-round badminton shoe in the 65 series. With Double Russel Mesh in the toe and a ventilation hole in the sole for enhanced comfort and breathability, and the latest in POWER CUSHION + technology for shock absorption and elasticity, and a brand new seamless upper designed to reduce stress and pressure on the player's feet, POWER CUSHION 65 The Z 2 makes it possible to play with both speed and comfort.The POWER CUSHION 65 series is currently worn by 13 of the world's top 20 * singles for men, including world set Kento Momota. Since its launch in 2000, it has become extremely popular with both professional and amateur players.In addition to the new Double Russel Mesh and ventilation holes, included in the respective toe and sole, which makes the 65 Z 2 more breathable and comfortable, a new seamless upper design has been adopted. This serves to cover the player's feet with a continuous piece of material, which eliminates seams that add weight and can put pressure on the joints, resulting in a stress-free, flexible fit.The heel of the shoe contains Yonex's POWER CUSHION + material, which bounces an egg that is released from a height of 12 meters back to a height of 6 meters, without breaking. In addition, with the Power Graphite Lite in the sole, which provides reliable stability.With its combination of comfort, lightness and stability it is easy to see why the POWER CUSHION 65Z II has become the most popular shoe of the world elite.* Based on BWF ranking 2019/7/8

Product number: 09340-77

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