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Vcore 98 305g Black

Vcore 98 305g Black

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Weight: 305g
Balance: 31.5 cm
Head Size: 98 in²
String Pattern: 16x19
Length: 68.5 cm
Department: Men Women
YONEX VCORE 98 305gYonex's best-selling tennis racket in Sweden 2019.For advanced players who want a racket with extremely high spin and good feel.Vcore gives more spin than ever. This is the most spin producing racket that yonex has ever produced. Tennis is developing fast, and today's players must be able to hit penetrating, high spin balls to turn defense into attack. In the VCORE series, Yonex has developed new technology and upgrades with \"Aero Trench\", \"Liner Tech\" and an improved and even more spin-friendly, aerodynamic frame. By examining the games of top athletes, Yonex developed a unique swing analysis system to identify ways to maximize spin potential. Aero Fins and the new Aero Trench combination are used to produce a fast, aerodynamic racket, allowing easy access to incredible spin. In addition, they give the new exclusive Liner Tech grommet even more spin potential, the Liner tech grommet promotes the movement and snapback of the strings, giving players even more spin on the ball.Named graphite in the neck of the rack also provides more torque and flex for increased spin potential. NAMD, which is a unique flexible carbon material, is used at strategic locations in the racket to enhance the feel and maximize the speed and power of the ball.SpecificationsWeight 305 grams (unstrung)Head size: 98 inches / 632 cm²Length: 27in / 68.5cmFrame width: 22 mm / 22 mm / 21 mmString pattern: 16/19Technical Materials: H, M, Graphite, Naometric XT, Named

Product number: 09242-28

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