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Gel-Resolution 8 GS Blue/White

Gel-Resolution 8 GS Blue/White

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Department: Kids
GEL RESOLUTION ™ 8 CLAY tennis shoe for children promotes a responsive step with a feeling of closeness to the surface. The FLEXION FIT andel upper provides form-fitting support with the integration of DYNAWALL ™ technology, which provides increased stability in the middle of the sole of the foot during lateral and cross-width movements. By implementing a torque function in the heel, this shoe is also designed to help younger athletes maintain a firm and stable feeling during abrupt transitions. With our cushioning GEL ™ technology in the heel and midsole, this shoe helps reduce shocks from abrupt stops and starts on the track. In addition, the model also consists of an AHAR ™ assembly in the outsole that cooperates with PGUARD ™ toe protection to increase grip on the track, while providing lower wear. Because it creates a faster response with a natural feeling of closeness to the surface, the GEL-RESOLUTION ™ 8 CLAY tennis shoe can allow young athletes to approach their matches on the gravel courts with confidence.

Product number: 09233-85

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